Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy (Late) Canada Day!

We didn't really do much to celebrate Canada Day, but we went and had a little impromtu barbeque with some of our closest friends, so that was lots of fun. Ayana and Moses had a lot of fun with their friends, and everyone else got up a good game of.. well.. I'm not quite sure what it was. They called it baseball, but there was no bat, and only two bases, and it seemed to consist of swinging at the ball with your arm, screaming, and running towards the first base.. if you could find it! The younger ones seemed to just scream and run! =) It actually looked quite fun.. and I had just joined in when my little brother got hurt (nothing serious, but with him everything is an emergency!) and we decided to take a break! :( But we roasted hotdogs over our friends fire pit, and then later some s'mores. Our parents wanted to watch a movie, but couldn't decide whether to take their kids up to our house (we live within 30 seconds of each other), or to just not do it. Normally we would do it at their house, as they have the best TV ever (a paint-on screen, with a projector.. the TV is the whole wall!! I love babysitting there! :P), but there were some people staying in their basement suite, who were using it. So, I came up with the brilliant suggestion of me and Megan staying there, and looking after their kids, so that everyone would be able to go to bed in their own beds, and our parents could still watch a movie. So everyone was more than happy to do it.. me and Megan went and watched a movie, and expected them to be home a little while after we were done watching it. Little did we know, they wouldn't return until 2:30am!! Needless to say, after staying up past midnight for the past 3 days, me and Megan were just a little tired.. and with being tired comes being incredibly hyper. When they got home, they found us on the computer, laughing hysterically at some stupid joke.. they thought it was crying at first! Thankfully, we've known them all our lives, so they didn't think we were completely nuts! But all in all, it was a pretty fun Canada Day.
Oh, another thing that happened that was pretty exciting, is the arrival of the people who, as previously mentioned, were staying in our friend's basement. My mom is from England, and so the rest of her family, and all her childhood/highschool/college friends are in England. One of her best friends, from University, had been saving up for a long time for their family vacation, and finally was ready to come.. to Canada! They arrived on Sunday, Canada Day, and it was pretty cool seeing them again (apart from one time, when I was two, and their older son was 3, I have never met them.. and I've never seen their younger two children, and they have never seen Megan, Josh, Ayana, or Moses). We spend the afternoon catching up, and listening to hilarous stories from my mom, and her friend, Becca. It seems like wherever they went, something bad happened to them.. they even managed to be kicked out of their homestay's house once! :P

Their names are Pete, Becca, and their children Sam, Amy, and Joshua (much to my brother's delight.. he has a new friend, around his age, with the same name! What more could he want? :P) They are in Victoria right now, but yesterday we all spent the day at Stanley Park. They asked me if I got tired doing all the touristy type things whenever guests come, but really.. I love it! Who wouldn't love spending the day on the beach?

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Scarlett_333 said...

Sounds like a fun day! Your Canada Day was much more exciting than mine!