Friday, July 06, 2007

White Rock for the day!

Today we went and spent the day at White Rock, which is a huge beach, with nice little cafes, and shops beside it... and when I say huge, I mean huge.. even on a sunny, crowded day, you can always find tons of space to sit down. So we went, with our friends from England, which was really fun. Everybody really enjoyed it, even Moses, although he decided that for the most part he wasn't going to show it. All during lunch he screamed, and after that, if anything didn't go his way, he would start screaming again! Very tiring for my mom, who had to walk him up and down to get him to be quiet. But then, as soon as we get in the car, away from the people everywhere who can hear him screaming, he becomes as happy, and content as anything! But he did like going in the water! I went in with him, and he was very brave, and went in as far as his chest! He fell down a couple times, but he would just laugh and jump back up. Ayana loved it too. She spent a good half an hour in the water, although after coming out, she was freezing, and had to be wrapped in a towel for almost the rest of the time there! All in all it was lots of fun. We went to a little cafe for lunch, and for icecream afterwards (White Rock has the best icecream store ever! SOOO good! :D ) The one bad point is that I forgot, until half way through the afternoon that I hadn't put sunscreen on. Needless to say... I'm burnt to a crisp! :S


Scarlett_333 said...

Sounds like a fun day. Ayana is such a cutie- love her adorable hair. Am I pronouncing her name right??? "eye-ON-uh"???

Erin said...

Actually that's how everyone from England says her name at first, but we say it like "eye-ANN-uh". :D