Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baby Nana and Mo-Mo

There's this couple that goes to our church who have a little girl, around Moses' age. Her name is Anna, and she's really cute.. in fact, I babysit her twice a week. She can get a bit upset, as she's not used to being left by her mom very much, but she's really sweet. Anyway, she is obsessed with Moses! She calls him "Baby Mo-Mo", and everytime she sees a picture of him, or any other little black baby for that matter, she grins, and says, "Mo-Mo!!!", and gives it kisses! Her mom told us that the other day she was hugging and kissing a Huggies box, and was so excited. When they went over to see what she was doing, she pointed at the picture of the little black boy wearing Huggies Diapers on the side, and said, "Mo-Mo!!!" She calls herself Baby Nana, and I think that it might be catching on with Moses!
Moses loves Anna too, and they play together all the time, and love to see each other. Here are some beautiful pictures of them playing the piano together last week during one of my babysitting days.

Concentrating very hard

"No, Mo-Mo.. its a C major! Not C minor!"

" You do know that you are disturbing our practice session..."

"Lets continue, shall we?"

Great big kisses! Lots of love! :D

Its so cute seeing them play together, and actually makes it a lot easier to babysit, when they are both occupied!


Scarlett_333 said...

Oh my goodness- that is too cute. Young love :)


Ellie said...

They are sooo.. cute!