Monday, July 09, 2007

From One Extreme to the Next...

A couple days ago we were in White Rock, in the sun, getting sun burnt. Yesterday we were in Whistler, going up to the top of the mountain, in the snow, all freezing cold! The Thomas family (visiting from England) have been in Whistler since Saturday, and we went up yesterday to spend the day with them. We all had a really good time, and we went up in the gondola, to the top of the mountain, which was probably the highlight of the day. Whenever we go up, we always hope to see bears, and we often do, while we're in the lift. Our friends really wanted to see one, so we were really hoping that we would see at least one. Well, we get in, and start going up (the gondola's each carry 6-8 people, so we went in one, and their family went in the one after us), looking around for bears. Suddenly, right as we were starting, not where you expect to see the bears, as it is right by the bikers, I saw something black, and moving. When we got closer, we realized that it was not only one bear, but a mother bear, and a cub, right close to the lift, playing in the dirt! We were so excited! It was the best bear sighting we've ever experienced... and our friends were so excited! It turned out that they had actually seen two sets of mother and cub, and we had only seen the second set! But I'm glad that we got to see the ones that we did. The cub was soo cute! :D
When we were up on the mountain, we went over to the snowiest part, and watched some people who had found these huge signs, and were sledding on them. Sam, Amy, Megan, and both Joshua's really wanted to do it (I wasn't feeling too well, so I just watched), so they waited, and then went down. It was so funny watching them! In the picture you can see them all screaming! :) Ayana and Moses loved the snow too.. they were picking it up, and throwing it at people, and sticking it in people's clothes, and sucking on it (only the very clean parts... we made sure! :D ). Moses went in, and some got into his sandals, and he quickly ran back onto the dirt, saying, "Co, co, co!!", which is his word for cold.
I was actually feeling very sick on the way up, and the morning/early afternoon, so up to about lunch time, I wasn't having a very good time. Fortunately, Becca had some medication with her, so I took a double dose of painkillers. They really helped, and I'm very glad she had those, else I wouldn't have had a very fun day! But I just though I'd mention that, as in a couple of the pictures I look pretty pale... I was not lying about being sunburnt! I was only pale because I felt sick! Anyway, we had lunch all together, and walked around, and went in a couple stores, and then we went up to their hotel room for a bit. It is soo nice! They're staying in Chateau Whistler, which is the nicest hotel there.. it would cost soo much pernight, but they actually got it for free, by using some traveler's points they had been saving up for a long time! It was so nice to go in there and just relax a bit.. walking around Whistler is actually very tiring!

Lunch time

Waiting for the gondola

In the gondola

The bears!

Up in the snow!

Sledding down the snow.. on a Nintendo Wii billboard! :D

Meeting with Bears!

I only realised afterward that I was the guy! :P But our hair matched up, so that's ok! :D

Josh (my brother) also got the chance to go on this cool trampoline/bungy thing. It was really cool. He got strapped up, and then lifted so that he could go super high, and then he did flips and bounced around and stuff. He said, as he was going on, that he was going to do a triple flip. He tried and tried (at first he was too scared to do any flip, but after a while he got it!), and then finally the girl who was supervising it said that he could have 10 more bounces. When he still didn't get the triple flip, she gave him one more.. and one more.. and one more.. he had about 15 "one more" bounces! And then, she told him that he really did have only one more.. and he had one more chance to try for the triple flip.. and he did! He was so proud of himself, and we all started cheering... even the girl was all excited for him!

Getting all strapped up

Jumping high!

In the middle of the triple flip!

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