Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy 20th Anniversary to my Parents!!!

Yesterday was my parent's 20th Anniversary (Happy Anniversary!!!! :D :D :D)! My dad got my mom this huge bouquet of flowers, with a big singing balloon (yes, I said singing!). When you tap it, it sings this cute song called "You're still the one." Its really cute. We also made lunch for them (my dad asked us to, and told us what to make.. it was a little surprise for my mom), and we did a cafe type thing (Le Cafe D'Amour... my little bit of French from French class! :P), with appetizers, main courses, desserts, menus, a host, and waiters/esses. (It was pretty fun! :D) My mom really enjoyed it, and that's when my dad told her his big surprise for her.....instead of just going out for dinner, like they usually do, they went on a little mini vacation, and stayed in a hotel last night. She was soo excited! (of course, she got him presents too, but this one is just the one that applies to me, as I had to babysit! :P)

Here's a picture of my dad, with his special present for my mom

Joshua, as the waiter/host of "Le Cafe D'Amour" :D.. notice his lovely dress shirt, complete with his board shorts!

My aunt came over last night, and slept over here, but for the most part it was me babysitting. My parents still aren't home yet, and Megan and Josh went swimming with some friends, so its just me and the little ones. They're on their nap now, so I just thought I'd share some pictures of me, Ayana, and Moses having some fun in our backyard! :D

Ayana's expression is so funny in this one!

Cutie Pie!

He's saying, "CHEEEEEEEEE!", for "Cheese".

She's going to be a model someday.. she was doing all the poses herself!

She's SO cute!!!

Moses wanted to get in on the modeling too

Trampoline Time!

Look at her bouncing!! I love this shot... it was completely by accident!

Looking up from under the trampoline.. they thought this was hilarious!
I thought it was a pretty cool picture.


Scarlett_333 said...

Aww- that's adorable.. and a happy anniversary to your parents!


Ellie said...

Happy anniversary to parents from me as well! That is so funny that Moses says "Cheee" because my little brothers used to do the same thing! Know comes out like "teez"

Susy Q said...

I know, I would love to meet! We're heading to Canada in August actually, but we're going to a place on Lake Erie in Ontario pretty close to the Michigan border (it's by a town called Windsor, if you know where that is?) Given that you're in BC, that's probably too far from you though. Sigh. If you're in the New York City area anytime soon, let me know!

Your siblings are so cute (I honestly think all Ethiopians are good-looking!) It would be great if Sasha could play with them. I hope we can work it out!