Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer is Here!

School's been really busy lately, so I haven't posted in nearly a month. Not much has happened, other than me finishing up school. But finally, its all done. School is over (I still have 2 exams, but no more classes), and summer is finally here! Yesterday was our last day of school, and we ended at about 12:00-12:30ish. Everyone was so excited about summer, and of course, no one got any work done in class! I can't believe its finally summer! No more school.. and I'm turning 16 in a couple more weeks! :D :D

While it doesn't get too hot here (but definitely hot enough to have fans on every night), the slightest bit of heat will get Ayana completely drenched with sweat. She sweats at anything.. which is kind of weird, since I would assume that she would be used to extreme heat.. isn't Ethiopia hotter than BC?? :D And it does get pretty hot for everyone else too, so we decided to get something to help us cool off. My mom went to the store, and came back with a little blow-up pool. Its a little small for everyone else, but its fun for Ayana and Moses! They absolutely love it! They get in there, and splash around, and splash each other, and splash the house, and splash other people.. they just love to splash!

My mom also bought the coolest toy. Its called AquaDoodle, and Ayana and Moses (and me! :P) love it! Its this little mat, with special markers, that you fill with water. When you touch water to the mat, it turns blue. So kids can colour, and 'paint', and it can't get on anything, except for the mat. No messes at all! And the pens can just be emptied when you're done, and refilled up at any time. Its really cool, and I actually use it for when I go babysitting.. all the kids love it! The picture doesn't really show it at all, but it kind of shows what it looks like when you use it! I'll try to get some pictures of Ayana and Moses using it soon.

So, we're ready for summer; a new trampoline, a little pool, AquaDoodle.. now all we need is an adult sized pool for the rest of the family, and we're all set! :D

Oh, and by the way, my dad finally took us to see Pirates! It took a little while though... Joshua's birthday party was on May 26th.. and we saw Pirates yesterday!!! :S Its soooooo good! But SOOOOOOO sad!!!!!!!! Jack is hilarious yet again, but some parts of it are just soooooo sad!! Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you stay after the credits.. its not a huge deal, but its kind of important.. and I liked seeing it!

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Scarlett_333 said...

Hi again Erin- thanks for the post! Is it alright if I link you on my blog?
We had our last day of school today as well, only 2 exams and I am done high school forever! YAY! We are getting a hot tub installed on the weekend, but a pool would be soooo nice. It doesn't get TOO hot here, like BC, but still hot enough.
That is amazing that you sponsor so many kids! I can't imagine how awesome the experience would have been to meet your sponsor child! I only hope that I can go meet Tsehay one day.
Well, gotta get back to studying (if only these blogs weren't so distracting!)