Sunday, April 15, 2007

Playing with the bunnies

Today me, Megan, Ayana, and Moses went outside to play with our bunnies. In reality they're more middle aged rabbits or even seniors than bunnies, but we always call them "the bunnies", so they'll be babies in our minds forever! This wasn't the first time that Ayana and Moses have seen them, but we haven't gone out there to play with them for a while, during the winter. Ayana is still afraid of them, and Moses still adores them. Mine, called Calico is probably the gentlest of all of them (we have three, mine, Megan's, and Josh's) so she's the one we get out for visitors, or younger kids to play with. Little Brown, Megan's, used to be quite fierce, and would bite if you picked her up, but she's calmed down a lot, and is actually getting to be quite sweet. So Calico, and Little Brown were the ones out on the lawn, getting pampered (and pulled- Moses still likes to grab their ears and whiskers and try to pick them up). Ayana, however backs up, and runs away when they get near. What was funny was that she half screamed, ran away from them, up the stair, and into the house, grabbed onto my mom, and said to her, "Ayana see bunnies. Ayana like bunnies. Funny bunnies!" I'm not quite sure where that came from! But by the end, we got her to sit beside Calico, and pet her gently. She was so proud of herself, that she didn't want to go inside to dinner, and just wanted to keep on petting Calico. And Moses stood up in his high chair, turned around, and pointed out the window, saying, "Buh, buh".. we're assuming he meant bunny. :) So all in all, it was a fun time, and we almost cured Ayana of her fear of rabbits. Maybe we'll work on our friend's terrifying tiny baby puppy next. :D


Ricki said...

I am so glad your mom shared your blog with us on the message board. You are a gifted writer and I really enjoy reading your entries. Keep it up!
(a future ethiopian mommy)

Lesley said...

Great post Erin...really good pictures too. Good job!