Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our (belated) Easter Egg Hunt

While most people probably do Easter Egg hunts on Easter Sunday, we decided to do something different. (in other words, we forgot!) So on Easter Monday, my dad took our basket of beautifully coloured eggs, and hid them around the living and dining room, with about 50% of them in plain sight, for Ayana and Moses to find. Ayana was a bit confused at first, but Moses got it straight away, and began picking up those eggs, and putting them back in the basket. With each egg he found, his grin grew wider, and in the end, he was shrieking with delight at each new discovery. Ayana finally got it, and loved it too, although in her excitement, she would find two eggs, take one in each hand, and bang them together, shouting, "Ayana found it! Ayana found it!" We quickly discouraged her from doing that too much, as about 2 out of every 5 eggs are now beautifully decorated with cracks and chips. :)
In the end, everyone grew tired of it, except for Ayana and Moses, so my dad and I hid them, while they both tried to find them. Moses kept on coming over to me, patting my leg (hard) which is his way of getting people's attention, and doing the sign (baby sign language.. he only knows one word!) for "more". So then we would have to show him an egg, put it down, and let him go and find it again! He never grew tired of it, and was a bit grumpy when we told him that it was "all done". Here are a couple of pictures of Ayana and Moses having fun finding those eggs!

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