Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hair and Hats

A few days ago, we caught Moses in the kitchen with a very lovely look. Balanced on top of his tricicle, tying to ride it under the table, he had somehow managed to grab Ayana's hat out of the closet, and balance that on his head. He was very proud of himself for this daring feat. I think it was on Easter Sunday, so the colour of the hat matched perfectly with those nice painted eggs on the counter!

Well, apparently this wasn't enough to satisfy his love of hats, because yesterday he came up to me holding the hood of his jacket- not the jacket, just the hood- and patting his head. I asked if he wanted it on, and he looked at me very seriously, patted his head again, and said "Ow" (yes in Amharic). So I strapped it on him, and he trotted off grinning, to show everyone else his beautiful "ha" (hat). What made it hilarious was that his entire outfit was a diaper, and a bright blue hood.

A couple of weeks ago, Ayana also had a very cool "decoration" on her head. Her hair had been in little twists for a few days, and they were starting to get a little fuzzy, with hair falling out. So, when they were getting ready for their bath, my mom quickly took them out. The result was adorably funny! My mom showed Ayana in the mirror, and she grinned and laughed, and said to her, "Wow! Ayana funny!"

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