Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I'd just like to say Happy Easter to everyone!
We've had a great Easter so far, and it was so cool remembering that it was exactly a year ago that we first laid eyes on Ayana Kalkidan and Moses Ermias Wiebe. They were only 17 and 3 months old then.. they've grown so much since those first pictures. Especially Ayana. Looking at those referal pictures, and then watching her at church this morning, dancing with her new friends, or "helping" us on our treasure hunt, or eating a little hollow chocolate rabbit.. there's such a difference! And Moses was, and still is, just a baby, but you can still definitely see a difference from those first pictures.

We had a great breakfast this morning, and then headed off to church. Ayana wore the most adorable little summer/spring dress, and she just looked so perfect for Easter morning. Her and Moses love dancing around to the music at church, especially with their friends, and with the flags they provide for kids. Then this afternoon, after delicious french toast with strawberries, we all went upstairs to wait in my bedroom while my dad prepared some incredibly hard clues for our treasure hunt. Ayana and Moses got to help us, and loved the little jelly beans along the way with each new clue we found. When we finally reached the end, we each got some treats, and a new cd (Ayana and Moses got a few jelly beans, a card, and a little chocolate bunny). I got a Switchfoot cd, and I'm going to listen to it, as soon as I post this! :)
We just decorated our eggs yesterday, and we gave Moses one to hold while we took a picture. Well, he had just been eating his chocolate, so as soon as the egg touched his hand, he jammed it into his mouth, and began sucking on it! We took it away quickly, and left him with a strange look on his face as he peered at the eggs in the basket. Once he found his chocolate bunny again though, he was fine!

Ayana and Moses had to go down for a nap, and Ayana was heartbroken to have to leave her precious chocolate, and would only go upstairs after she had been promised that there would be more chocolate after sleepy time. They're just getting up now, so I think I'd better go and make sure all my candy is out of the way for now!

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