Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Close Call.. Looking back

I just wanted to say a word of thanks to everyone who might have been praying for Moses last week. Moses and Ayana had to have a few TB tests and x-rays, to make sure that they did not have active TB. They had a skin test, and if they reacted to it, they had to have some x-rays. Whether it was active or not, they had to take meds, as children under 5 are more at risk that adults, once they have reacted to the skin test. Well, they did end up reacting to it, so my mom took them to a TB clinic to get the x-rays. We didn't expect them to have active TB, and were not surprized when the doctor said that they had latent TB, which means that they just have to take some meds, and will be fine. We also didn't expect the doctor to freak out about Moses' x-ray. We had a huge scare when the TB doctor told my mom that Moses' heart was "So abnormal" and he had "never seen anything like it before." I was so scared when my mom came home and told us that. I looked at Moses, dancing and running around, and didn't really believe that anything could be wrong with him, but when a doctor says something like that.. you usually listen! Thankfully, he went to a cardaeologist at Children's Hospital, who ran a bunch of tests, and told us he is completely fine. There had been some confusion because of a certain gland by the heart which is larger in children than in adults. But we were quite scared for a while. It was my mom's birthday, and she didn't really get to spend it all that nicely, as her and my dad were rushing around to Children's to get all the tests done. But there was a nice ending. So I'd just like to say again, thank-you to anyone who is reading this that was praying for Moses. It really helped! He's 100% fine.. which is quite easy to tell just by watching him for a few minutes... or for that matter, babysitting him for several hours. That can be interesting. :)

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