Friday, August 29, 2008

I Want to be a Pilot

I found this incredibly moving video on Youtube, and just had to share. (Hopefully it actually works for me this time!!) Its about a little boy called Omondi who lives in Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) and longs to become a pilot, so that he can fly away from his life in the slums. It just makes me want to go and bring him back to Canada, and give him his dream.... the sad thing is, just how many Omondi's are there in the world who will never ever get a chance at a better life, or even a chance of recognition or love?

I'm not entirely sure whether the video is actually true (as in, that is actually that little boy's story), since the credits are slightly confusing, but the story is true enough in a sense that that is what is happening to children all over Africa, all over the world. It represents those children, gives them a voice, even if the story isn't strictly true.

This is why I know that God is calling me to help.. this is why I can't wait to get to Africa and start to actually do something! I hate it when someone says something along the lines of "But what can you do to actually make change happen? Helping one person isn't going to make a big difference." The thing is, even if you only help one child, it makes a difference to them.

***I know the movie is kind of long but please try to watch the whole thing, at least up to the quote by Nelson Mandella (the rest is pretty much just the credits). Trust me, its worth it!***

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