Monday, August 25, 2008

A Moses Update

Last time I posted about Moses, I was sure that he was in the Terrible Two's. Now I'm pretty sure he was just warming up.
Moses is one of the naughtiest (and most hilarious!) kids I know... and unfortunately everyone thinks it adorable, which just makes him do it more. Oh of course my parents punish him, but it doesn't really seem to phase him. I don't have any pictures at the moment (I'm working- I've been part-time nannying these kids all summer, and they are currently in the middle of a movie. I thought I'd take the opportunity to quickly write a post!) but I'll try to describe it the best I can.
For example.... Moses was in the backyard screaming about something (he was having fun, just being too loud), so my mom looked out the window and said "Moses, be quiet. No screaming please." So does Moses stop screaming... well yes. But then he turns around, looks at my mom and says (with a little smirk on his face). "Hmph. Stop screaming MAMA."
Of course, he was sent off for a timeout, but when my mom tried to talk to him he started growling at her. Yes, actually growling in her face. So she came over and sat beside him, and pulled his face towards her (not roughly.. he was just refusing to look at her) and told him to stop being rude. So he goes "Grrr.... BURP. BURP BURP MAMA."
Well by this time my mom was trying so hard not to laugh (I didn't help much either.. I was hiding round the corner laughing :D) that he could tell she thought it was funny; he started laughing and doing it more.
So that is just one example of naughty little Moses. Another one happened just the other day. My mom and her friend were sitting outside talking, and Moses did something (not sure what, probably threw sand or something small) so my mom told him to stop. He looked at her, pouted- he has the best pouty face ever!- and marched inside and slammed the door. He was probably on his way to give himself a timeout, which he does quite regularly. Apparently though, before he could get there, he changed his mind and came back outside. He walked over to my mom, started growling, and put up his fists in a little fighters stance. And he just stood there, growling at her, with his fists up!
Yep, my little brother is quite the little moster! But we all love him so much its hard to be mad. Even when he looks at me, pulls his best "mean boy" face, and says "Hmph... not friends with you! Yucky Rara. Hmph!" :D


Nikki said...

Ahahah, what a cutie!

The Hattons... said...

Miki and Moses behave so much the same. Growing and all ...