Monday, August 25, 2008

An Update on Ayana

I just realised when I posted the Moses Update that I haven't written about Ayana for a while. Well, that doesn't seem very fair, so even though she's not being a little monster like Moses, and there's probably not many rebellious stories I can think of about her, I will do my best to catch you up on the youngest Wiebe girl.
Ayana is about to turn 4 (in November), so she is becoming quite independant- and stubborn! If she makes up her mind that she is going to do something, no one can stop, or help her, until she does. Or gives up, which can take quite a while.
She also sometimes still talks in baby talk, which can make it seem as it she's not very smart, but we know how well she really can speak.. the other day she said to my dad, "Ababa, if I'm allowed, can I colour my Dora picture please? I just can't reach the markers." She really is quite smart, but for some reason she often decides to play dumb (as in, "Ayana, which one is the square?" "Ummm... that one" [points to a triangle], even though two seconds ago she had shown us exactly what all the different shapes are.) We're not quite sure why she does this (maybe trying to be more of a baby like Moses??), but we're trying to encourage her to act her age, and to show how smart she really is. My mom just bought her a pre-preschool learning book, and she LOVES it! She can point out all the shapes, colours, decide which one is different in a row of images, and is having fun learning her numbers and letters.. we're hoping that by doing this, and having fun while doing it, she'll realise that she doesn't have to act like Moses to get attention, but is smart and funny just by being herself.
Of course, I'm not saying that she just tries to be like Moses, and acts like a baby the whole time, or doesn't like herself, or anything like that.
She is really quite the little cutie. She's such a sweetheart, and is very caring and loving towards others.. and she loves playing with friends! We recently visited some friends in Seattle (the two youngest girls -of 6!- are 4 and 2, and Ayana ADORES them, but unfortunately can't see them very often) and she had an awesome time with them, playing on their trampoline, and riding bikes together. When we left, she was absolutely heartbroken; She was sobbing for ages, and it was the saddest I've seen her in ages. :( But she had a great time, and keeps on asking when we can go and see them again.
I'm not sure what else to talk about, but I'll put some recent pictures of her (and Moses too) when I get home. They are both getting cuter by the minute!! :)
Oh, and just as an aside... we went shopping at the Seattle Outlet malls (and Target.. best store ever! We definitely need to get some in Canada!!), and I got quite a lot of new clothes, and saved over $100!! I was quite proud of myself :D

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Nikki said...

Yeah, we really do need a Target in Canada!!! Ayana sounds like she is getting so big! The kids I babysit are about the same age difference as Ayana and Moses, although they are a bit older, and the girl, Taylor, does that same thing as Ayana and has moment where she pretends she is a baby to be like her brother! Must be a big sister thing :)