Sunday, September 07, 2008

Just Some Exciting, Fantastic, Incredible, Amazing, Wonderful, Sweeter than Sweet News!!!!

Ok, so for those of you who don't remember/know, my school sends out teams of 10-14 students plus leaders to different countries around the world each year to do various outreach projects. Last year I went to India, and had a fantastic time, and loved the girls at the orphanage we were working at. This year, there are 12 teams (more than ever-last year was the most so far, and there were 10), going to:

- South Africa
- Tanzania
- Nimibia (new team!)
- India (new last year)
- Slovakia (new last year)
- Ukraine (new last year)
- Trinidad
- Kibaale, Uganda (the school we sponsor in Uganda, where my two gorgeous sponsor children are)
- Cuba
- Israel
- Guatemala
- Thailand

You apply in May, and put down your choices of continent or Israel(ie: I put 1. Africa, 2 Africa, 3. Israel(Africa).... haha, think I got my point across?? :P) but then you don't find out where you go until the first Friday of the new school year.
So they got us all into the auditorium and gave a loooong speech about outreach, and the different locations, and stretched it out SO long, and then finally we all went running up to the lobby to find out what teams we were on.
Ok, to set this up properly, I should mention that not only did I write Africa on my list, I wrote Kibaale as well, AND wrote a 1 1/2 page letter on why I should go to Kibaale AND prayed about it non-stop alllll summer. Basically, I wanted to go to Kibaale so bad I could die. Plus, I knew that the leaders were really good friends of ours, so that would be even more exciting! However, since I went in the summer after grade 8 with my family, I was almost 100% sure that I wouldnt' be going.. but I prayed and hoped all the same.
Ok, so we all go running up, and checking the list to find our names and locations, and as I'm scanning the list for my name, I see.... I could not believe it, I started hyperventilating. There is my name; Wiebe, Erin.. and right beside it, it says...
I started screaming, when all of a sudden I hear one of my best friends, Carissa, screaming too. So we run over to each other, and scream (at the same time) "I'm going to Uganda!!!" (let me just mention here that I'm not the kind of girl who goes around screaming.. I'm actually quite quiet at school-except for with my friends-, so I'm pretty sure I gave like half my grade a heart attack when I started freaking out like that!) Yes, me and one of my best friends since grade 6, are both going to one of the best places ever!!!!!
My other really good friends are going to South Africa, Trinidad, Tanzania, and Israel, so I'm soo excited for them, those should be awesome trips. However, I have to say, I'm am SOOOOOOOOO pumped about my trip! I am going to KIBAALE UGANDA!!!!!!
This is pretty much (along with Israel) the most popular place, and the hardest to get into because everyone wants to go. So needless to say, I am sooo excited, I can hardly stop smiling. Even now, I'll be sitting there (usually looking at pictures of my sponsor kids.. WHO I WILL BE MEETING IN A FEW MONTHS!!!!!!) and just randomly start smiling, because I just can't stop thinking about how unbelievably happy I am.
And to make it even better, our leaders are good friends of ours, one of my best friends is going, and all the grade 11s on our team are the really mature ones that I'm already friends with!! So pretty much its my dream team.
I am so excited I could puke. And its only been 2 days since I found out! I don't know how I'll make it through the next few months until we go!!!
Here are some pictures of the incredible place that I will be visiting in only a few short months!!!

First of all, my lovely little Jackie (9 1/2):

And my beautiful Reagan (almost 7):

Jackie's adorable little sister Jesca

At church

My brother reading a book to the grade 2s

LOVE this picture.. mine and Gloria's hands

Little Dorcus (Gloria's twin)

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! :D :D :D


Nikki said...

WOW!!!!! I saw this on facebook and was waiting for you to post the details on your blog- so exciting!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. When is the trip? Looks like both of us will be meeting our sponsor kids soon- I get to meet Tsehay in Ethiopia :) can't wait to hear more!!

Staci said...

I am SO excited for you!!! That is awesome that you will be going to Uganda! Is it over spring break, like your trip to India? SO cool!! Also, I have been meaning to say CONGRATULATIONS to your family on next year's move to South Africa! How exciting!! :)

Kate said...

My names Kate and im 17 from Qc. Nikki actually told me to check out your blog as you are also associated with Uganda. I'm actually raising money to build a school there, so hopefully i'll be able to go next summer. I just started bloggin so feel free to check out my blog.