Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aldor Acres.. The Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday we went to Aldor Acres, which is an adorable farm where you can go and just hang out, and look at/hold the animals. There's also a pumpkin patch where you can go and get pumpkins there, and at Christmas they have a Christmas tree farm. There's not much to describe, so I'll just put the pictures up... so pretty!
The batteries were almost dead on my camera, so we bought a disposable camera too... so the pictures on here are the only ones from my camera, and the other ones still have to be developed :)

Tiniest, cutest little 3 week old bunnies ever... I wanted to take them all home!!

Ayana and Moses checking out the bunnies

Me holding a baby piglet! It was actually screaming the whole time I held it!! Haha.. I was born to live on a farm! :P Actually, no joke, I would love it!

The cutie pies

Loving the goats

Going for a hay ride! :P

Moses looved the tractor ride the best!!

With our baby pumpkins

Moses being a goof

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