Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cool pics

Here's a few pictures I edited with Picnik (an application on Facebook :D). Its so fun! :)

At camp during the summer :)

Me and my friend at about 8 (we met at 3, and we're still friends now :D)

Jesca, my sponsor girl's sister.. in Uganda.

Me and some friends on the ferry back from Vancouver Island

haha love this one.. Me and my friends on a dressup day at school (the clothes are real, the hair's not :P)

haha my little Moses :D

Me and my friend.. we have the same birthday, and when we were younger everyone thought we were twins, so we've always called each other Twin 1 and Twin 2 :P

Dressing up for an awesome youth event.. go team black!! :D

Me and my sibs on the ferry to camp

GORGEOUS little twins that my friend and I babysit for a weekend in Whistler (along with 3 other kids)

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