Thursday, January 04, 2007


Christmas was really good this year. Our Oma came for Christmas Eve, which made it really fun. We always do our stockings on Christmas Eve, and Ayana was so excited about that. After all our Christmas Eve traditions were over, Ayana and Moses had to go to bed (which neither of them were very happy about, while the rest of us watched a new movie from Joshua, my brother's stocking. And none of us wanted to go to bed in the end either(except me--> I was really tired!) But we all finally got to sleep at around 11:00, which is very early for all of us to fally asleep on Christmas Eve, and then woke up at 6:00am, and had to wait another 2 hours, as my parents refuse to get up any earlier than 8. But we survived, and eventually got to go downstairs. When Ayana saw all the presents under the tree, she just kept on saying "Oh!! Konjoi!" (sp?--> means Beautiful in her language) Every time a new present would come out from under the tree for Ayana, she would say "Ayana, AGAIN??"It was so cute! And she wanted to help all of us open our presents (even when it wasn't our turn.. she would just grab a present at random, and start opening it.. which wasn't quite so cute!) She got soo excited.. it was a bit much, since she got too hyper, and didn't know what to do except run around screaming and opening other people's presents.... it ended in a couple tears! But she enjoyed it for the most part. Her very favourite present was a Disney Princess bike. It's a two wheeler (with training wheels), but it's so tiny! She rode it around the house all day. Moses didn't really get any of it, but he liked his new books and toys, and loved the turkey dinner, so he was happy. We had a really nice day, just hanging out, playing games, reading, watching movies etc. It was really nice to relax and have fun like that. And all of us stayed in our pajamas all day! That was nice too! :)

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