Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's A New Year!

When I posted the one about Christmas, I forgot to write anything about New Year's Eve. It's now 2007! That's so wierd. Our New Year's Eve and Day were nice. Of course, Ayana and Moses went to bed a lot earlier than midnight, so they didn't get to welcome in the new year, but they were obviously with us on New Year's Day, so that's ok. We went over to our friends' house, and ended up staying there until 3:00am! I think that's the latest we've ever stayed there! It was really fun.. just our family, and their family, and it was a lot more relaxed and fun than the huge party we had last year. We played some games, and all of us (except for Ayana, Moses, and their son) stayed up until midnight (and past). We had sparklers, and champaign/sparkling apple juice. :) When midnight finally came we all (even the adults) grabbed pots and pans, ran outside, and made as much noise as we possibly could! We were all screaming, and jumping around, and hugging, and our friend was videoing the whole thing! It was a lot of fun. Then on New Year's Day we just kind of hung out again. Josh went to our friend's house again, and they went swimming, and then in the evening we ordered out (Red Robins!) and then went to Chapters. It wasn't anything extra special, but it was a really nice family day, and we all had lots of fun. Well, that's about it, and I better go now. Happy New Year!

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