Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moses' 1st Birthday, and their Dedication.

Moses turned one on January 12th. We didn't do anything fancy, but when he got his presents, he was soo excited. He got 3 extremely loud toys
and a trike. He had no clue what was going on, but it was pretty funny to watch him get all excited over the tissue paper! :) His new obsession is reading books, and watching an Australian group of dancers/singers called the Wiggles. It's on right now, and I can probably say I know every song on those four episodes off by heart. They're on constantly.. 24/7. It's pretty cute.. Jeff is really annoying, but the rest is.... cute. Here are some pictures of Moses getting his new toys on his birthday. We did go out for dinner (Ethiopian food.. what else?) but that was about a week later.

Last week (Sunday) Ayana and Moses got dedicated at church. They were in traditional Ethiopian clothes, and it was really sweet. We made a slide show about the whole adoption journey, and I'd say about 99.9% of the church was crying by the end. It was really nice. I'll put a picture of them in their outfits in another post, because it won't let me do more than 4 pictures at a time.

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owlhaven said...

He's so cute!!

Mary, mom to many