Friday, September 01, 2006

Back Home.. Looking Back

Since the blog wasn't working in Ethiopia, this is the email I sent to my friends........

Yesterday, the 22, we went and met ayana and moses. as soon as i saw them.... it was really wierd. i've only known them through pictures so far, and suddenly they're here! i didn't think i'd get like emotional or anything. i mean, i've held josh and megan when they were born, and i didn't cry or anything. but i guess this is different.... there's a different story behind it, and we've been waiting for so long... well... i cried. i gave the video camera to ben, our leader's adult son.. i didn't want to be holding it while everyone else was meeting them. they're so cute! i'll tell you more about it when we get home, but they were both really scared, but after a while, moses was laughing and playing with us. ayana was still scared, but then she started playing with Yeabie, one of her friends, who is being adopted by a couple in our group, and then she relaxed and started getting happy. but she was still scared when it was just us. i can't load pics on, cause the computer's too slow, and it costs a lot, but we have tons, and i'll show them all to you.. through email or in person. then we had to leave them, to let them "process what had happened" and we went out for lunch. i ordered chicken chili spaghetti, thinking that sounded interesting... umm.... yea.. it wasn't quite wat we would call chicken.. or chili.... or spaghetti as a matter of fact. yum... haha.. so me and our leaders adopted daughter (she's 14), Berekti switched and i got her pizza. that wasn't so.... western... or.. good either, so i wrapped it up and took it home.. and gave it away!! lol. then today we went back to the foster home and got to take them home with us. we spent time with their caregivers and Haregwain, who found them and matched them up for us, and then we brought them back here to our guest house. (it's called the Weygoss Guest House by the way). they were really quiet on the drive.. they've never been on a vehicle before, but Ayana liked looking out the window, and Moses was dancing in my mom's arms! it was so cute. right now they're sleeping, and since i had nothing else to do, i decided to email you guys. i'll try to email some more. everything's so cheap here! it's so cool! i haven't gone shopping yet, but i think on friday or saturday we get to go to the biggest market in all of africa, so i'll be using a lot of money there. well, i should be going. it costs quite a bit to be on here. Bye!

This is the whole email I sent. I'm actually going to put pictures on this time, because we're home now. Even though I made this for our trip, I'll keep on posting about our whole adoption time. I'll post again today, but this is just my "looking back" post. So, goodbye for.. 5 minutes


* The first picture is the first time I held Moses
The second time is the first time I held Ayana
The third is the first time we were all playing together
The forth is the caregivers saying goodbye to all their kids.....
well they should be.. i'm not sure if the pictures worked......

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