Monday, August 21, 2006

We're Here!

hi guys,
well, we're finally here! the flight was very very very very long..... and tiring...... and boring at times too.... but we're finally here. the only bad thing is, mine, and my brother's bags were lost, so i've been wearing the same clothes that i wore for the last three least i put an extra t-shirt in my carry-on! it's been so amazing. i love africa so much. but there are so many beggars.. everywhere. it's so sad. and so hard to say no and keep going. we've given some stuff, but we can't give stuff to everyone.. so yea that part's not good. but everyone is so friendly and so pretty, and the kids are all so cute... i love it! we visited our sponsor girl here called Masresha today and that was so cool. they did a traditional coffee ceremony for us... it was amazing. they were so poor.. and they still were so happy and gave us such a nice meal. i felt so guilty taking their food, but it would be a huge insult to refuse.. so we had to eat and drink everythign that was offered. of course, my brother wasn't so happy about that when he had to drink a whole cup of boiling hot tea without any milk. i felt so bad for him! but he was very good at pretending to enjoy it, so no one suspected a thing... except my mom, who gave him prompts to tell everyone that he loved it! haha... Masresha is so cute.. she's 12, and my sister is 11, and Masresha comes up to my sister's...... shoulder. she's tiny!!! she looks about 8 or 9. she's so sweet. i'm going to be going soon with my dad to the airport to see if our bags are finally here... i'd really like a change of clothes soon! and my own toothbrush would be nice! lol.. just kidding... we went and bought me one from the supermarket.. but still... i can't wait to get my bag! in 24 hours we'll be leaving to go and see Ayana and Moses for the very first time. i can't believe it. it still seems unreal. but i can not wait. i'll tell you all about it tomorrow.. if i can. but if not.... then you'll have to ask me when i get back! lol
anyway, this internet is the slowest i've ever seen, so it'll probably take about 15 minutes to post this, and since i have to pay for every minute, i'd better get off now.
i'll see ya later


-kirst said...

lol thnx i finally got to see your blog... haha ahhhhh i'm so excited for wen you get but i guess you're prbly not cause it sounds like you like it there.awww that sucks about your luggage, hope you got it by now ;) theres nothing much going on around here just having fun doing a drama thing at my church and then going to visit my cousins on thursday. so you take coustody of Ayana and Moses on wed, right? i luv you so much, hun! hve an awesome time luv.

kristie- said...

hey!! aww i miss you so much! im like, i wanna get together w/ erin, o wait shes not here :( its very sad lol. so im so excited for u! yay! by the time u read this you'll have seen and met ur new brother and sister! aww man ur so lucky, im praying for u hun...and that really sux about all ur luggage issues. i remember when we got to kenya, my dad opened his suitcase and lots of his stuff had been stolen. yup the efficiency of the airlines in africa arent really all that dependable lol. well i gotta go i promised to only b on for a lil while. so i luvv u lots mwah