Friday, August 11, 2006

One Week To Go!

Hey everybody,
i can't believe that there's only one week before we leave to go to Ethiopia!!! i can't wait. except for the stupid new rules about the flight. i hope they change them. because right now, we can't take ANYTHING onto the plane. only your passport and money if you need it. you can't even take a paper and pen, or a book to read or anything like that. but apart from that, i can't wait to go! in one and a half weeks, i will have a new brother and sister. it's so wierd. it really doesn't seem real. but i'm so excited about going. i'll try to post everyday in Ethiopia, because our guesthouse has internet access, but if i can't, i'll just do it as often as i can. i'll try to put pictures on too, because i'm sure you'd love to see me looking all groggy after the plane and other lovely things like that. :D
well, i'll see you later.
buh bye now

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