Sunday, September 03, 2006

My new, exciting, tiring life....

hey there,
well since we got home, i've had about half the amount of sleep i usually do. how wonderful for me. the first day back, i went to bed at 1, fell asleep at 2, and woke up at 3:30.... and was up after that till 10 that night. especially since ayana and moses woke up at 3 and screamed together until 4:30, and after that, ayana kept on waking up every hour or so to cry a little more. i wasn't really mad though, just tired and sorry for them.. they were probably so scared! new room, jetlag, and no one getting them up! awwww! :( but since then they've been getting better. they're actually screaming right now, but that's cause they're going down for a nap. i think it's actually just Moses. Ayana already fell asleep. i love them so much! they are so cute! she is so seriously bossy and has a huge attitude.. she picks a new favourite just about every other hour, and won't go to anyone but them for the next couple hours or so. it's really funny.. but also really frustrating, especially for my mom.. since whenever it's bed time, my mom is never a favourite, which increases the screaming by 10 notches! but apart from that, i'm loving it! it's exciting to see them every morning.... i'm sure that in about 5 years it'll change.. i mean.. i don't get excited to see my other brother and sister every morning! :P
these pics are of our first day back.
1- ayana's first time seeing a tv- Maisy!
2- moses's first time in his new crib... he loved his mobile!
3- moses's first time in his excersaucer.. as you can see.. he had a lot of fun!
4- ayana was jealous of him.. she likes it too! :P

well, that's all for now.... i gotta go.. moses is still screaming.


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