Monday, September 11, 2006

Outside Adventures

Today I took Ayana and Moses outside to play with the "Beby Dummy"... "Baby Bunny". I sat them on our beach mat, and watched them for a while, pulling them down the mat on their tummies by their feet for about 5 minutes, which was very exciting. Then I asked Ayana to get "Rara's Chamas". She wouldn't listen to me until I said "Rara's Shoes". And then she ran straight in and grabbed my school shoes.... she's actually learning and understanding!! Then I ran around in the rabbit cage for a while, trying to get a hold of at least one bunny. When I finally grabbed Blackberry, Moses was eating grass, and Ayana was sitting in the flower bed. And she wouldnt' even come near the rabbit. Moses, on the other hand loved him.... or he loved his whiskers and ears at least, which are very good handles and pull toys by the way! Ayana eventually came and touched the bunny, and even ended up giving it her special kisses. And then..... it got away. I was sitting there on the mat, holding Moses by the strap of his overalls to keep him from crawling off, trying to make sure Ayana didn't fall into the pond, and with my foot, trying to reach the rabbit and push it back towards us. I finally told Ayana to "Koochby" on the mat with Moses, and be very very "Oush". I crept behind the tree, trying to sneek up on Blackberry, and looked back, to see Ayana, with Moses sitting in between her legs, tightly holding both hands across his eyes and mouth, and pulling him close to her. I almost fell over laughing! It was so hilarious! She was doing her very best to keep him quiet and still for me. And the funny thing was.. he didnt' seem to mind! Anyway, I finally caught the bunny, said "Bye-bye", picked up Moses and got safely inside.... to find that we had only been out there for just under 15 minutes! But we had a lot of fun. I just wish I had had my camera out there with me!

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