Monday, May 07, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

On Friday we went to a base ball game for my dad's work. It lasted from 5:30, to about 8:30. It wasn't the most exciting to hang out with people from my dad's work that I didn't know, but it was fun watching him play base ball, and Ayana and Moses loved hanging out with all the new people, and the kids, and the huge field to play on. Moses was all ready for the game too, with his track suit, and side ways baseball cap.. he was very cool! And with his amazing throwing arm.. wow! He should be signed up for the big leagues already! :P

Ayana was very cute and friendly with everyone.. and even got bossy with a lady from my dad's work who had been dying to meet them since we brought them home. She was playing with them for some time, so Ayana got all hyper (she does that with big groups, and new people) and began to boss this lady around. They were playing catch, and sometimes the ball would roll to the side, and out of reach. Instead of running over and getting it herself, Ayana would point at the ball, point at the lady, and shout, "Get it!" We were all laughing, so she of course got even bossier. Then, another lady starting handing out those little noise makers to all the kids. Ayana was so excited, ran over, and got a green one. She blew it several times, studied it carefully, then shoved it back in the bag, grabbed a gold one, and said to the lady, "Ayana, nother one, now!" The lady laughed and said, "Oh, all right then miss!" It was actually really funny. But my mom told us to stop laughing at her, because she would start taking it too far if she kept on getting so much encouragment from everyone. Oh, and by the way, she was wearing the shirt I bought her from Roots, when I was on the Whistler Music Festival Trip! It was really cute on her (you can't see it in the picture; its under the sweater), and she loves it. If you ask her where it's from, she says, "Rara!" That's what she calls me; She calls me Rara, Megan Meme, Joshua Jofua, my mom and dad Mama, and Ababa (but she sometimes says daddy), and Moses Doya Doya, and even sometimes Ermias, which is his Ethiopian name (now his middle name). She knows our real names, but she likes calling us by those nicknames.. Moses even calls me Rara now! Its so cute! And he can say Mama, Baba, Doya, Rara, Jaja, but he can not, no matter how many times we try to teach him, say Megan, or Meme! Its so funny!

Anyway, all in all, the baseball game was actually fun. My dad's work team lost (quite badly, actually!) but they had some good runs, and cheered a ton, which kind of made up for it. :P I ran around playing catch with Ayana and Moses for a good part of it, and we got hotdogs, pop, chips, and ice cream (for $5! pretty good :D) which was yummy! Moses loved to throw the ball around, and chase after all the big kids, playing catch and "football". He especially loved playing with the dogs that were there.
There were 3 dogs there all together, and Moses loved the biggest, loudest, (friendliest!) one, of course! He followed after him, as fast as he could possibly run, laughing and squealing, and trying to get the ball before the dog did. He couldn't, of course, but he had a lot of fun trying to! The dog was so sweet, and patient, and would actually bring the ball to Moses when he got it! It was really cute; they were playing catch together! Kind of.. lol!

Ayana was terrified of the dogs, of course, but she actually went with my mom and touched one.. for about one second before running away again. But she's getting a bit better. There was the cutest little chocolate lab puppy there too. He was adorable! I would love to have a puppy, but I have the feeling it might be a little too much work for my parents at the moment!
So we had a fun Friday evening.. even though my dad's team did lose! :(

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Erin said...

Great pictures, I can see you all had a very good time.