Saturday, May 19, 2007

A New Trampoline

We used to have an awesome trampoline; one of the Sundance ones, the square ones. They were really good trampolines, and really bouncy. Unfortunately, last summer, it split in two, and no one could use it anymore. Everyone was disappointed at first, but after a while we all forgot about it, and didn't even notice it any more. Then, since summer is coming, and several of our friends have them (and their little kids love them), my parents decided we could get a new one. So, last Saturday, we went to Walmart, and bought a new one, with a big net around it. The net was half for safety measures, and half so that Ayana and Moses can be zipped up in there, and have fun without 24/7 supervision. Its one of the normal, round ones, not quite as bouncy, but still fun.

We set it up last Saturday, and since then, Ayana and Moses have LOVED going on it. The setting up took two days actually. We set the trampoline part up on Saturday (with everyone helping, it took a while.. but then when we tried to move it into place, it didn't fit! We ended up having to cut down two of our bushes so that we could fit it in! :D) and then the net part on Sunday. That was not so fun. The bottom of the net had to be woven together with the springs, with this long string. However, it had about 150 little holes, and each one had to be threaded through the springs. I ended up just skipping every other one.. it was faster, and the trampoline is still completely secure!

Both the trampoline, and the net came in two big boxes, which of course are very exciting! So while we set up the trampoline (and my mom appointed herself "head photographer" :S) Ayana and Moses played in the boxes. They had more fun than we did, I can say that for sure. I think they were more excited about those boxes, than the finished trampoline. (We still haven't thrown the boxes away.. they love them so much! :D)

The trampoline has been a big success this last week! Moses thinks going on it is hilarious, and runs around as fast as he can, swaying, and tripping, and staggering around like he's drunk, trying to stay on his feet on the bouncy surface. Its hilarious! Ayana loves going on the "bouncy bouncy" with us, even though its a little scary when other people are bouncing. So since she is, of course, the queen of the house, if we are bouncing, and she would like to go on, she comes over, and tells us to "Wait jus' a minute guys! Ayana bouncy bouncy! Gosh!" :D Their favourite thing to do, is sit in someone's lap, and have the other person on bounce up and down. They sit there, holding on as tight as they can, laughing their heads off. Megan took a hilarious picture of this happening, on the first day we got it. (this is before the net was set up).

Here is a picture of Ayana, the queen of the bouncy bouncy! :D

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