Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back from Whistler

This weekend I got the opportunity to go on a trip to Whistler with my school. Whistler is a place up the in mountains of BC; a big skiing location, with great snow, and actually a popular place for bikers during the summer, when the snow has melted. I've been many times with my family, but its always lots of fun with your friends! I'm in Jr. choir (grade 9 and 10), and each year, both the Sr. music groups, and the Jr. music groups get to go on a trip to participate in a music festival. Last year we got to go to Edmonton, which was really fun.. a whole afternoon in Edmonton Mall!! :D :D That is the nicest mall I've ever seen. Its amazing!

Anyway, this year we went to Whistler with the choir, the band, the jazz band, and the vocal jazz to take part in the Whistler music festival. I stayed in a room with 5 of my friends, although one of them had to leave on Friday night for a volleyball competition the next day. But I was in the room with one of my best friends, K, and some other really good friends, C, J, N, and E (my mom told me not to use names.. so I'm using letters. :P) It was actually a lot of fun (although listening to the mandatory concerts, performances, and adjudications wasn't all that fun... especially when the concert on Saturday night went for 2 hours.. with the last song being about 45 minutes long. Just one song. Ugh.) But for the most part it was a great trip. Whenever we didn't have to listen to, or perform at any concerts, we went shopping, walking around, hanging out, and having a ton of fun. It rained from Thursday when we got there, until late Friday night (we had to walk everywhere, because we had no vehicles.. in skirts, dress shirts, and tights-the choir uniform-walking in the rain is not fun!!) but it was really nice and sunny all of Saturday, and Sunday too, so that was really good. I bought presents for everyone in my family (my parents gave me a lot of money for food and stuff, and I wanted to bring them something back in return). I got the cutest little shirt from Roots for Ayana (pink, with a sparkly flower), and a little 101 Dalmations book, and a "Whistler, Canada" baseball hat for Moses (to match with his "Canada Team" outfit he already has) and a Tigger book. They were both soo excited to get them! I was gone from Thursday afternoon, to Sunday evening, and when I got home, Ayana and Moses were so happy! I also got Megan some body butter, and a little Playmobile horse and kid (she's starting a collection of Playmobile :P) and Josh some sunglasses, and some wierd science/prank type stuff. Its powder that changes any liquid into gel. It's actually quite disgusting. I brought back tons of candy for everyone too, from the best candy store, the Great Glass Elevator. I love that store!! They have everything! Its awesome.

Since I was gone on Friday, and my parents, Megan, and Josh were going out, they needed a babysitter for Ayana and Moses. So I recommended my friend to babysit. (by the way, we were born on the exact same day... 2 minutes apart-I'm older lol- which is pretty cool! We always used to call each other twins.. we actually fooled one of the new kids! :P) Anyway, Ayana was excited about it all day, and kept on asking when "Rissa" was coming. They all really enjoyed it, and when I saw my friend at school on Monday, she told me to pump my fist in the air at Ayana when I got home, and say, "Who's your best buddy?" and see what Ayana did. So I got home, pumped my fist in the air, and shouted, "Who's your best buddy?" Ayana looked at me, laughed, pumped her fist and shouted, "Yaaaaaay, Rissa!!" It was hilarious! Ayana was brainwashed by my friend! lol.. it was so funny that I called her, and had Ayana say it to her on the phone. She laughed for ages. Anyway, the game is starting, so I'd best be off... Go Canucks!!! (by the way, Ayana is at Science World in the picture.. it might look really strange if you didn't know the context!)

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Anonymous said...

Great post, I'm so glad you had an awesome time in Whistler.
Love your blog.
Keep it up.