Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snow Day!

Today was Ayana and Moses' first snow day. They were soo excited! Ayana kept looking out the window, and saying "fnow! fnow!" It was so cute. When we actually went outside to play, she loved it. She saw everybody throwing snowballs, and wanted to join in too.. so she did.. right in Moses' face! She laughed.. he cried. :D We went sledding at our friends house, and Ayana loved it the whole time. Moses got fed up, and went inside, but she kept right on going. After about an hour and a half, though, she suddenly realized that it was cold, and started to freak out. We went home, and she fell fast asleep. Moses was already asleep in my arms... dead asleep. It was really fun to play in the snow with them for the first time, and this was probably the coldest they've ever been in their lives. And now we get another day with them tomorrow... no school! Yay! Oh, and by the way, it's been snowing since 6pm last night.. and it's now 8pm the next day and still going strong... I'm hoping to get two, maybe three snow days out of this!

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