Saturday, March 01, 2008

Parade of Flags, and a Day at the Beach

Last Sunday was the first week of "Missions Month" at our church, so to mark the occasion they had the annual "Parade of Flags" service. Since we just started going to this church in January, I've never seen the Parade of Flags, and didn't know quite what to expect.

It was far beyond anything I'd could have imagined. They had different people carrying the different flags of countries from all over the world, all dressed up in national costumes. The choir was all dressed in a different countrie's traditional dress, and it looked so beautiful. They started singing (I'm not sure what the song was called, but it was so good, and talked about how all the nations, all the cities, and all the people of the world belong to God) and a few little kids slowly came in, and did a little dance at the front, all carrying the different provincial flags of Canada.

Then the song changed to "I am not Forgotten", with an African/Indian sounding twist, and the flag bearers began marching down the different aisles. My dad and Moses were carrying the flag of Kenya, and Josh and Ayana got to carry the Ethiopian flag, so it was especially cool to watch. There were so many flags, from all around the world, and the choir sounded beautiful.. there were many people crying. We only got a few pictures, and they're not all very good, but I'll put them on here to give you a taste of what it was like.

In Ethiopian/other African traditional costume!

The Choir

Not the nicest picture, but it was taken as they were walking down the aisle, and they weren't ready for a picture!

Ethiopian and Canadian!! Or.. "Opia and Ca-naw-da" (as Ayana would say it!)

After church we went to the beach with a family friend (Cathy- thanks for the pictures! :D), so here are some pictures of that too.

Haha... this wasn't posed at all! :P


When Moses saw this, he promptly told me,
"Mama, DoyDoy-MEEEE!!!, Caffy, Callie! Picture!"

Family Pictures!

The day wouldn't be complete without icecream! (and a goofy face from Josh)

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Scarlett_333 said...

Wow- that looks awesome!! Love the kids in their Ethiopian clothes, and the beach photos are gorgeous! I like the sisters one best- too cute:)
P.S. Did you dye your hair- it looks good! Maybe I am just imagining it :) but it looks nice either way!!