Monday, February 25, 2008

Moses' 2nd Birthday (Second Try)

Since last time I tried to post this (about 3 weeks ago) I've felt guilty every time I passed the computer. However, since Blogger has deleted my posts about 10 times this year alone, I just couldn't motivate myself to try again. Finally I've worked up the courage, and I'm hoping beyond hope that this will actually post!

Last month it was the big boy's birthday. Moses Ermias Wiebe turned two years old, and he is definitely living up to his age... he has officially hit the "Terrible Twos" (although I believe he hit it long before his birthday!). Now don't get me wrong, he is still the most gorgeous, amazing, adorable, hilarious little baby I know. Even when he's being "rebellious" he's still adorably funny. Just now that he's two, he seems to think he can get away with anything.

For example, if he's doing something he knows he shouldn't be, he will watch us carefully, but do it anyway. The minute someone tells him to stop, he gets this huge grin on his face, turns towards us, and says, "No!" He will then procede to continue to do it, shaking his head whenever he is told to stop. It probably doesn't help that the rest of us are trying hard to stop killing ourselves laughing when he does this.

What he can't stand, more than anything else, is being alone, so his punishments are always timeouts, and no one can talk to him for 2 whole minutes. The stairs are the usual timeout place, and until now, he has been content to sit there, crying, and looking angrily at everyone walking by.

Now, however, he has realized that the much naughtier thing to do is to lie across the stairs, so that no one can get over. When someone simply steps over him, he is outraged that we dared to out think him, and it will set him off on another round of screaming.

Of course, he is always extremely good at saying sorry (usually only when he is actually being punished. He'll sit on the stairs shouting "Sowwy! Sowwy!" and hoping that it will mean he can get off of his timeout early). Sometimes when he's feeling extremely bad, he'll refuse, but for the most part, he's perfectly willing to own up to what he's done, and apologize.

Anyway, since he is now two years old, I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on his life. That is the more rebellious side of him. Now for the deliciously adorable side.

His vocabulary is huge now, and he can talk quite well now (in baby words, and short sentences of course.. but we always know what he means!) And if he can't say it exactly, he'll be able to communicate what he's trying to say by describing what he wants.
Here are a few examples of Moses talk:

- "Cup Please!" (he's thirsty)

- "Car push car, funny Mater tuck"--> (he wants to watch the movie Cars, which he got for Christmas, and I can truthfully say, has watched it probably about 20 times since then.. and I've watched it about 15 out of those 20 times.. it really is a funny movie!! :D)

- "Wake up Jeff!" (he is talking to one of the Wiggle's characters, Jeff, who is always falling asleep)

- "I wan' dat one" (this one's self-explanatory)

- "I wan hot cho-cuh-lut" (he's recently become obsessed with hot chocolate.. he actually has a bit of an Ethiopian accent when he says it too, its hilarious!)

-"Humphy nowman" (Humphry the snowman.. this one is kind of strange. My mom, jokingly, told Moses that the snowman he had made outside was called Humphry. From then on, Moses is convinced that every single snowman is named Humphry, and he loves them all)

-"All-ri ha!" (Alright hat... his favourite song, called Ethiopia ( ... this is the music video on Youtube. Sorry, but my Blogger won't let me embed the links into the words OR post videos on my blog. Its soo frustrating!!! I'm trying to figure out why it won't let me, but if anyone has any tips, that would be awesome!!) Mike-E, says "Alright, everything with be alright, we can make alright" and repeats this several times throughout the song, so Moses and Ayana call it the Alright song. Moses also has this rapper kind of hat, and he loves it, and calls it his Alright hat, because he thinks he is like Mike-E when he wears it. Its so cute!)

- "I want more dabo" (bread in Amharic.. Ayana still calls bread "dabo" so Moses has learned it too!)

- "Hallellulah!" (he is currently singing this as loud as he can around the house, driving his yellow Tonka dumptruck across the floor)

- Today was one of the cutest "Mosesisms" ever. I heard someone banging around in the kitchen, so I went to go see. Moses was there getting a fork and knive for dinner, reaching into the drawer, singing Jesus Loves me this I know at the top of his lungs. Here are the lyrics, Moses fashion:

"Jesus loves me, this I noooo
For the Bibe-ULLL tells uh huh..
Yessss Jesus loves me!
Yess Jesus loves me!
Yess Jesus loves me,
The Bibe-ULLL ellss a soooo!

There are sooo many other things he says, but I can't seem to think of any other funny/cute ones. I'll be sure to post when he says something cute! Anyway, his birthday was very cute, and he got some exciting presents. We didn't do anything amazing, but he had lots of fun. Here are a couple of pictures from his big day.

The next week he had his birthday party, which was also tons of fun. All his favourite friends came (except for his special "Opia" friend, Mikiyas, who couldn't make it :( ) and they had lots of fun. We just did it very simply, with toys, a snack, and a movie. It was Cars themed, so everything was Cars.. the table cloth, plates, cups, movie! :) It was adorable. I'm not going to go into detail, but I'll just put some pictures of his party on here, because they'll probably describe it a lot better than I can!

And just so you know we could never forget her, here are two pictures of my little Ethiopian Princess, Ayana Kalkidan Wiebe! (dressed like an Ethiopian Princess!!)


Scarlett_333 said...

Awww, they look so cute in their Ethiopian clothes!! Moses is adorable :) He reminds me soo much of the little boy I babysit, Ryan, who is 3. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the "Wake up jeff" ohhhh gosh, I had to pretend I was Jeff allll through the summer babysitting Ryan and he would scream "Wake up Jeff!" and I would wake up, then go back to "sleep", and repeat- a gazillion times. Stupid Wiggles :)
They are both looking so much bigger!
Happy (late) birthday Moses!!!

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu & Chayah too said...

AWWWWW!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Moses!!! What a big boy! He sounds like he has lots of personality! ;) And Miss Ayana is gorgeous!! =D