Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're Back!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... ok, so I just spent about 1 1/2 hours writing this post, and putting pictures on, and then the pictures all got deleted again!!! so there won't be half as many pictures as I had on at first. I could almost cry I'm so frustrated!!!!

Anyway, here's the post I just did..........

Things were getting super busy with school, and our school production of Les Mis, so I took about a month off from doing my blogs, but hopefully things have settled down, and I'll be able to post semi-regularly again!

I'm sure I've missed a billion and one things, including Ayana's 3rd Birthday Party. Ugh.. I spent about 2 hours writing and huuuuge post about it, with TONS of pictures, and then just as I was about to post it, blogger decided it didn't really like my pictures, and deleted them all!! I could sometimes strangle blogger.. that's the fourth time its happened this week!! So I'll just copy the blog post I was going to post on, but I'll only put a couple of the pictures I was going to.

"Yesterday Ayana Kalkidan Wiebe had her very big girl birthday party, which she absolutely ADORED! She was thinking about it all day, and when she woke up from her nap and saw all the decorations, she nearly went wild with excitement!

There were 9 kids all together (including her and Moses) and all of them were specially asked for by Ayana (even if she can't say all of their names right. Alexis came out as something more like "A-les-ixus" :D).

It was a very simple party, with no structured games, but we set out different "stations" for the kids to play at, and it was actually really great. They all had lots of fun. There were puzzles, books, blocks, a tent full of books and groovy girls, a Thomas set, and a mini bowlin set. For the first hour the kids just got to play and have fun. Then, at 4 they all did their crafts and had snacks and cupcakes. As we had guests ranging in ages from under 2 to 9, we had to make sure that there was something for everyone! (6 year old Kohl and her sister Molly, who is 8, along with Alexis who is 9, were invited to be "helpers", but they had just as much fun as the younger kids! :D)

The craft was a big hit. We got a wooden frame for everyone, and enough feathers, glitter and sequins to recreate any princess fairy tale, and let them do whatever they wanted with it (within reason:) ). The end results were really cute, and once they were done drying, we printed out a picture of each child sitting with Ayana and put them into their frames as a special surprise. They were all adorable, even though a lot of the glitter seemed to end up on the glass part, rather than the wood!

Instead of a big cake, each child had their own cupcake, (specially decorated by moi! :) ) and they all had their own candle to blow out.

Anyway, everybody had lots of fun, especially Ayana (she got some adorable gifts too!). So now, enjoy these pictures!"

Getting Ready


Crafts and Cakes

Present Time!

All the kids...

So that's what you would have seen a couple of weeks ago (minus a few pictures) if Blogger hadn't deleted it... after which I grew fed up, and abandoned my blogs in disgust for a while! But I'm back, and ready with some more recent news; Snow! It's snowed a couple times this winter already (there's actually snow outside right now! Although its more slush than snow at the moment.) In fact, our first snow fall was on the first of December. :) Anyway, here are some pictures of Ayana and Moses enjoying the snow (you can see the amount of snow piling up throughout the day!)...


Scarlett_333 said...

Stupid blogger! It has never done that to me (knock on wood!) but I have heard lots of people complaining about that happening!
Ayana looks SO cute in her birthday dress! She is so adorable.
We have tons of snow here too... and I hate snow. Especially when I have to walk a half hour to work three times a week in sidewalks that aren't plowed- haha! But of course, 2 days before Christmas we are up to 5 degrees and raining and all the snow is almost gone! I was hoping for a White Christmas, oh well! Have a great holiday!

Lyle, Sheri & Mikiyas said...

Great update Erin. Love all the pics. I may have to get a few from the party from you as I had forgotten my camera ... I'd like a couple for Miki to have later. :)