Friday, August 31, 2007

"Game" Time!

I saw this on Nikki's blog ( but it looked kind of fun, so thought I'd do it too!

1. How many blogs are listed under your favorites list that you check EVERY day?
Umm.. I only have 9, but one is my other one, and one is my mom's. I check, out of those ones, probably 3 everyday. However, I also check other blogs that I don't have listed down.

2. How many times a day do you "go to the bathroom" and end up checking blogs?
Haha, I always use this one with babysitting! When the kids are watching movies, I often have to go to the "bathroom" several times within the movie! Probably 3/4 times.

3. Do your kids recognize the other kids from the blogs that follow??
Sorry, I don't have kids!

4. Do you keep track of how often people update their blogs and get upset when they don't keep to the schedule??
I don't get upset when they don't post, but I get really excited when there are new updates!

5. Favorite time of day to check blogs?
Truthfully... anytime!!

6. Who's blog is your favorite?
I like tons of blogs, but I really enjoy Nikki's and Susy's (

7. How many of the blogs that you follow are people that you have never met in person?
Most of them!! Some of them I know, (like my mom!! :D) through adoption and everything, but most of them, I have never met. It feels like I've known them in person for ages though! :P

8. How long have you been married?
Nada... I just turned 16!

9. Fav. food?
Oh man, I love food! Umm lets see.. well, I have a sweettooth, so lots of sweet stuff, and chips etc. I also loove different kinds of salad, like brocoli salad, greek salad, asian noodle salad, and bean salad. Oh, and fruit is always good too!

10. Fav. TV show?
I don't really watch much TV. I used to like 7th Heaven, but its kind of old and lame now.. not much happens. I like America's Next Top Model, although I almost never watch it (I watched last season, but other than that, not really), and I love watching the audition weeks for American/Canadian Idol!! Hilarious! Oh, and Amazing Race.

11. Anything that you forbid your kids to watch on TV?
I don't have kids, but they probably won't be watching much anyway.. I don't watch much.. I'm more of a movie type person than TV.

12. How long was your adoption journey from beginning to end?
April '05-August '06... 1 1/2 years (April was when my parents decided to adopt, and August was when we brought Ayana and Moses home)

14. What did you imagine your family to be like as a little girl?
I've always wanted lots of kids, from all over the world! I think its really cool to have families with biological kids, African kids, Asian kids, Indian kids... like a rainbow family! :D

15. Favorite down time activity?
I'm obsessed with reading.. seriously, I could read for hours and hours and hours. And I do! :)

16. Do you have more online friends than "in person" friends?
No, I have way more "in person" friends than online friends, but I do have quite a few online friends.

17. Tell us the cartoon character that you most look like:
Well when I did the test in Disneyland, I think I was most like Alice in Wonderland.. but I don't really look like her. I always wanted to be Ariel though!! Unfortunately, I don't have a tail, or red hair! :D

18. What toothpaste do you use?
Umm.. I'm pretty sure its Colgate. My mom bought it. :P

19. Stupidest adoption comment/question that you've recieved?
Well, this was to my mom, but still... stuff like,
~"How much are they?"
~"Where did you get them?"
~"How many real kids do you have?" (yea, because everyone knows that Ayana and Moses are fake!)
and the worst one..... one lady says to her friend (very loudly so that my mom can hear):
~"Do you want to get yourself a couple of those?" and her friend replies,
"No, I give my money elsewhere!"
Oh man, my whole family was ready to go and hunt those two down when my mom told us!!! Can you believe it?
Of course, its always funny to see it really confuse people. Ayana and Moses were going down a slide once, and this dad was waiting at the bottom for his little girl, who was right behind them. When Ayana and Moses came down, he smiled, then looked around for an African couple.. when he saw them run towards us, he did a complete double take, stared for a second, then quickly turned away when he saw us kind of watching him! :P
Oh, and then, at the zoo, a little girl looked into the stroller and saw Moses. She quickly looked up at my parents, then with this really puzzled look on her face, looked back at Moses, and back and forth several times, until she just kind of wandered off to her parents, looking really confused! It was so cute! lol

20. Fav. website?
Lately I've been completely addicted to Facebook (not to mention about a gazillion blogs!!)

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Scarlett_333 said...

Haha... we have so much in common, that is so funny. I guess that is why I am so addicted to reading your blogs!!!