Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old McDonald Has a Farm....


And we visited it last week before school started! Well, we went to Maplewood Farm, which is just as good! :D

Ayana and Moses were so excited to go and see the animals.. although Ayana was more excited about the idea of the animals, than the real things, as she was slightly freaked out by anything that moved.. including the ducks and chickens! But she still had fun, and she did love petting the bunnies!

Maplewood Farm is this really neat farm that has... well, all the animals you would expect to see on a farm! But its really cool, because the animals come right up to the fence, and you can pet them, and there's also a petting zoo for the goats and sheep, and you can walk inside the rabbit hut and pet them too! Its a fun place for kids.. and I enjoyed being there, and seeing Ayana and Moses get so excited too. And of course, I do still love animals :D

While I could tell you some different stories, I think I'll let these pictures speak for themselves! :)

Me and Ayana, ready to set off and see some animals!

The cutest little pony, called Humperdink or Snickerdoodle or something long and crazy like that! :P

Feeding the ponies

"I'm not entirely sure if I want to do this, but Moses did it, and I have to copy him.. besides, it is kind of funny!" :D

Bunnies! More poor animals for me to terrorize! (He tries to love them, but he's just a bit rough...)

This was an adorable 4 day old baby calf called Rosie.. isn't she gorgeous! I have to say, I love cows like this. They are really cute!

You can't really tell, but it really is us out there.. I promise! :P

This was another calf- this one 3 weeks old- at lunch time.

I love geese.. they remind me of Beatrix Potter!

Yes! I can chase them, and I won't even get in trouble!

This was an accidental zoom, but it actually turned out kind of cute!- me and Megan.

That's waayy bigger than my nose! Lets see how far my finger will go....
(Actually he really was about to try, before we quickly stopped him! :P)

I love goats!

I don't really love goats.. actually they kind of scare me... but I'm going to pretend I do, for the sake of this picture!

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Scarlett_333 said...

I love those pictures of Moses, you get a real idea of his personality! He sounds very funny :-D