Sunday, October 01, 2006

Surprise Shower!!

Tonight our friends had a surprise shower for Ayana and Moses! It was so cute! There was a huge pile of presents, and a bunch of balloons, with "It's a Boy!" and "It's a Girl!"... it was so cool! I'm at home right now, babysitting Megan, Ayana, and Moses. My parents and Josh are still at the shower. I just finished looking through the presents..... they are so cute! Ayana got a HUGE pile of Groovy Girl stuff.... like 11 eleven groovy girls, with clothes, and accessories and tents and all that. It makes me wish I was younger, and there was a surpise shower for me! haha... I always used to want ALL the Groovy Girl stuff. I guess I'll just have to help Ayana get to know her new stuff! haha... jk... and all the baby toys and books and clothes are soooo cute! Everyone was so excited. It was really neat. Well, I'm gonna go now.. I'm pretty tired. I just thought I'd do a bit of an update, seeing as I'm not exactly all that regular at doing that! :)
**...By the way.. that bag is crammed full with just Ayana's Groovy Girl stuff!!**

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